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Elevate Your Website: Customizing Loading Buttons with the Lix Library

Wix has a powerful editor to build any website you want. However, do you ever feel restricted by the limitations of built-in editor components? 

While Wix offers a user-friendly interface, you may find limitations in customising certain elements, especially if you have specific design preferences that aren’t available in the built-in options or you do not possess the intricate coding knowledge to implement them.

To overcome some of these challenges, you can utilise the components within the Lix Library. A prime example is the Loading Button. This button seamlessly integrates the brilliance of Lottie components with Wix's editor elements, taking your website to a whole new level.

What Makes the Loading Button Cool?

At its core, the Loading Button functions like any other Wix icon button, but the magic lies in its ability to incorporate custom animations from Lottie Files.

Isn't it somewhat boring and a tad frustrating how the Wix editor manages onclick? The lack of feedback, the absence of animation – it all adds up to a rather static and dull user experience.

Order now button on a webpage.

The Loading Button's capability extends to enabling you to alter animations by utilizing Lottie files URLs (an open-source online platform that provides a vast library of animated graphics and illustrations). This functionality serves as a valuable form of feedback for your users, providing a visual cue that something is transpiring simply by glancing at the button.

Why Should I Use It?

A button that effectively conveys the loading process has a significant influence, enhancing not only the smoothness but also the engagement of the user experience.

Whether you're running a personal blog or managing an e-commerce site, the Loading Button is the secret weapon to elevate your design game and leave a lasting impression on your visitors. 

Incorporating the Loading Button into your website is akin to investing in a professional and polished user interface. It's a strategic move that goes beyond aesthetics, signalling your audience that every detail of their digital experience is meticulously considered.

How Can I Install It?

The beauty of all the components within the Lix Library is that they are easy to use and custom for everyone - coders and non-coders alike!

If you are ready to see what the Loading Button can do - I invite you to explore our comprehensive blog post or watch the accompanying YouTube video, where detailed instructions await.

In these resources, we break down the installation process step by step, ensuring a seamless integration of this powerful button into your website. Clear and straightforward guidance, accompanied by visual demonstrations, will empower you to master the art of incorporating the Loading Button with precision.

Click HERE to access the blog post or watch the YouTube video now.

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