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Lix Components: Lix Voice

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

About The Interactive Lottie Component lives under the Lix Components library from Threed Software, a library of extensions to Wix basic functionality, using Custom Elements.

This opens up possibilities for various applications on your Wix website, from voice-activated ordering systems to live chat with voice transcription. Keep exploring and building with Lix Voice to enhance your website's capabilities.

This component is a part of the Lix Components Library.


You can see a live example of the Lix Interactive Lottie components below.

Add To Your Site

  1. Click the Install App Button

  2. Add to Site: Look for the "Add to Site" button on the app's details page and click on it.

  3. Choose Your Site: If you have multiple websites associated with your Wix account, a pop-up will appear asking you to select the website where you want to add the app. Choose the relevant website and click "Add to Site."

  4. Configure App Settings: After adding the app, you may be directed to the Wix Editor. If not, go to your Wix Editor by logging into your Wix account and clicking "Edit Site."

  5. Access the App: Once in the Wix Editor, locate the app's icon or element on your website. This could be a widget, button, or other UI element depending on the app's functionality.

Setting Up Voice Recognition

To enable voice recognition, follow these steps:

  • Add a simple text element to the page.

  • Take note of the ID for both the text element and the Voice Core plugin.

  • Access the code panel and set up a basic script to listen for voice input and update the text element.

Build the Voice-Powered Form

  • Remove the text element used for testing.

  • Add a Wix form with input fields (e.g., contact form).

  • Utilize the "on click" listener to determine which input field is selected.

  • Get the voice input and fill the selected input field with the spoken text.

Test and Publish

  • Publish your site to a live environment.

  • Test the voice-powered form on the live site.

  • Ensure voice recognition accurately populates the form fields.

  • Check for automatic listening initiation and button text updates.

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