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Threed Software

Building great software for growing businesses 


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Building easy to use technology on Wix

Threed Software was formed to bring your ideas to life, developing from concept to reality.



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Cyndi Weyler

"As a non-profit organization, we greatly depend on our volunteers to make things happen and for the most part, volunteers really want to do what they can! I have website comprehension and was thrilled to volunteer as a supportive asset. The role became coordinator, then hit Covid and greatly depleted the interaction of like-minded folks. Web design is fluid, requiring constant discussion and the Wix way of "making it easier" for us has been challenging. I finally reached out on "Ask a professional" link on our home page and after some challenges was finally hooked up with Threed Software. They have been financially respectful and quickly accomplished the needs required. I have been very satisfied with their billing, their feedback, and their willingness to fulfill our needs."


Simone Godwin, PixlRabbit

"I’ve hired Threed Software before and will continue working with them. Christopher is incredibly smart and kind."


Gregory Lopez, Creative Director

"Our company specializes in television and video production. We needed a hardware and software solution that could deliver on-demand videos to the tourism sector in Jamaica. We consulted with a few software developers, none of whom could build a system to the specification that we required. Luckily we met Threed Software, who recommended a hardware solution and designed an application that met all of our specifications. We were very happy with the results. Threed not only delivered on time and in spec, but kept us informed throughout the process."


Robert Buonaspina

"Chris and his team at Threed did excellent work in attending to my concerns of various integrations of my professional artists portfolio website in a timely manner. I would recommend Chris for any of your project needs, particularly in the large-scale."

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